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Top 10 Best Ludo Games for Android and iOS 2022

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Hello Dear Readers In this post you will get to know about the Best Ludo Games For Android and iOS, Ludo is a board game that can be played in between two to four players.

This is a strategy game where you can roll a dice and then move the token in a way to beat others. The ultimate aim is to finish all 4 tokens before anyone else.

Ludo is one of the most preferred games among kids and family that promote merriments and makes an incredible choice to pass the time. It is a board game in which 2 to 4 players can participate to roll a dice, lead the token and move ahead beating others in the way.

Ludo game is now available for smartphones.

Best Ludo Games For Android and iOS

So, there are some good Ludo Game apps to try. You can download any of the given Ludo Games on your Android and iOS devices.

Ludo King

Ludo games is Ludo King, which is the most popular Ludo played on Android smartphones across the globe. This game is one of the few that is available on almost all major platforms like iOS and computers.

It is free and includes Snakes and ladders Games as a bonus with 7 different designs and themes to choose from, such as Nature, Egypt, Disco etc.

Ludo is one of the most preferred games among kids and family that promote merriments and makes an incredible choice to pass the time. The special feature about Ludo King is the offline playing feature wherein you can play with a computer or local multiplayer.

Ludo Classic

This game possesses a strong AI that leads the randomness and uncertainty of outcomes from dice. The computerised moves of a token cannot be cheated the steps here or there.

Ludo Classic supports both online and offline gaming. If you and your friends are together, play the offline mode.

Ludo Championship

Ludo Championship is also a good Ludo game where you can enjoy the classic ludo game. You can play with up to 4 players. The game requires no active internet connection. It also supports Tablet devices. The game supports 16 different languages,

Ludo Party

Ludo Party is next in the list of the best Ludo game apps. This game app offers you to play a popular and decent Ludo game on your device. Ludo Party brings exciting 3D graphics and adorn the playfulness of this game with more entertainment.

If your family and friends are around then you can play this game with them without having to switch to online mode. Best Ludo Games For Android and iOS

Ludo 3D Multiplayer

Ludo 3d Multiplayer is another iPhone Ludo game that displays the board and counters in 3D visuals. Cute animals replace the normal tokens, and the game is multiplayer. You can play with 3 of your friends on the same device, or you can also play alone with 3 other players managed by AI.

This game app offers you an option of combination of computer and human players.

Ludo Star

Ludo Star is one more classical game only for iOS users. You can play Ludo stars in an offline and online mode both. You can play Ludo with random players. Additionally, you can challenge your friends and earn extra rewards. Offline and online mode

Ludo Club 

This is the game that is one of the most popular board games among the huge number of smartphone owners. Since the game is known all over the world, it has quite a few fans.

This is one of the few board games on which the competition is held, and the winner gets an impressive amount.

Ludo Game

Ludo Game is also a similar Ludo game that brings the traditional board game on your smartphone. This game can be played between 2-4 players and the objective of the game is to beat each player.

Like other Ludo game apps, this game can also be played as a local multiplayer game and online multiplayer depending on your condition.


Q. Which is the best Ludo game in the world?

Ans. Ludo King. The first one on the list of best Android Ludo games is Ludo King.

Q. Which is the best Ludo game in play store?

  • Ludo 2019 is a user-friendly game that comes with simple features.
  • Ludo Neo-Classic is one of the best Ludo games in terms of design.
  • Ludo 3D Multiplayer is a new twist to the traditional board game.

Q. Which Ludo game is best for friends online?

Ans. Ludo King has currently become quite popular and helps big time in bringing the traditional ludo board game to our smartphones.

Q. Who is the famous player of Ludo?

Ans. India that Vikash Jaiswal developed for mobile phones.

Q. Which country made Ludo king?

Ans. Indian

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